Founded in 2020, A Las Siesta -- which directly translates to “at siesta”, is derived from the Spanish/Filipino way of telling time. A play of words, its identity is deeply rooted from the philosophy that behind every triumph also lies a well-deserved rest. Whether it be through the form of taking a step back to reassess, or to simply put everything aside for the day, it serves as a love letter to all the hardworking women (and men alike) in our lives that have sacrificed many-a siestas in order to get the job done. 

With operations headed by Mikayla Garcia, and Graphic Design by Australia-based artist Christian Jimenez, Sophia Concordia stands at the helm of the brand as designer and creative director. At 17 years old, she took a gap year and spent it attending a short course in FIDM San Francisco and interning at L’Officiel Magazine, solidifying her interest in starting a career in the fashion industry. 



Over the past 4 years she has been working under the wing of former RED Inquirer Magazine Editor and Stylist, Meg Manzano as her apprentice, learning the ropes of the industry and leading her to branch out and style a few fashion and feature editorials of her own. 

Currently in the Senior Year of her bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design & Merchandising, she formed A Las Siesta with the intention of creating clothes that married her love for styling and conscious fashion. With that in mind, every garment is designed to be worn multiple ways and is graced with a hang tag that humbly identifies the sewer who created that garment, making room for their consumers to form more personal connections with the storied artisans responsible for the clothes they wear every day.

At its core, A Las Siesta is a brand that celebrates the nuances and imperfections of every individual with the purpose and promise to transcend trends and seasons. Each piece, no matter the material or design, is intended to form lifelong relationships with its wearer. 

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