33 Point 3 Exports Inc. are master weavers honed in the exacting tradition of their craft. They use articulate shapes to form an elegant design language. It is evident in the even, flawless bends, and rhythmic loop of their basketwork, with every piece projecting effortless, confident style. 

The company was established in 1990 in Cebu, and was originally a manufacturer of Fashion Accessories. They began exporting the goods to several buyers from Japan, Europe, and USA. With the boom of the Export Fashion Accessories Industry during the mid 90’s, the company, too, saw a consistent increase of business turnover every year, which prompted 33 Point 3 to continue its aggressive stride in product development. 

33 Point 3 continues to expand its current Houseware collection with different shapes and weaves. With its ever-proactive Product Development Team, 33 Point 3 ensures that it stays relevant with the needs of its current and new clients. And with the demand of the ever-growing market, the company has taken recent steps to add another sector to its collections: Furniture. And with the proof that the Hapao Weave can live up to any client’s expectations, there’s no better baseline the company should use to expand into the Export Furniture Industry.

All Products from 33 Point 3 Exports, Inc.

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