The TWWA wide brim ladies visor is a fashionable hat that is open at the top and back, with wood buttons at the back to secure the hat to the head. The open top lets air circulate better around the head and the wide brim shields your eyes and face from the sun. The hat fits any head size, with the garterized closure at the back. These hats are woven from sodsod grass, a soft sturdy grass endemic to Bukidnon that doesn't scratch the skin or clothes. The structure of the visor is formed and shaped by the Bukidnon-Tagoloanen tribe weaver during the weaving process itself. No cutting or sewing was done to shape the hat. Sewing was done only for the attachment of closure. Use for your walks, gardening, beach trips, and other outdoor adventures. Diameter – 15” Side Brim – 7” Crown: Height- 2” Circumference – 20” -22


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