What began as a buy-and-sell system of pots, jars and clay cooking wares in 2005 soon became a full-scale industry of export-quality products.
Through the hard work and determination of Mr.Tony and Mrs.Lita Pascasio and their son Joeffrey, Pascasio Pottery has rapidly become a known manufacturer of a wide array of terracotta jars and pots creatively molded and intricately decorated to fit any ornamental purpose. Uniquely designed, each product serves as a centerpiece of trade fairs and exhibits, attracting onlookers and buyers from many parts of the country. After all, its product designs, which come in a unique blend of Beauty, Simplicity, and Elegance, unmistakably shout the Tarlaqueño pride.
With its superb quality, Pascasio's pottery now supplies mostly part of Central and Northern Island of Luzon,Philippines and Japan’s demand for garden pots and is slowly closing more deals overseas.
With the continuity of promotion of the company, together with supportive Local Governments, Pascasio Pottery is now opening it self as a Tourist Destination of the province of Tarlac, Philippines. 

Socio-Economic Aspects
Toward Community
      Pascasio’s Pottery is Sincere to manifest its social responsibility to the national community devoting it self to the further development of the country through the following expectations the people have:
v To provide employment opportunities available to Filipinos.
v To add value to people’s standard of living.(the business helps the workers to be successful.)
v To Afford high quality products.

 •Toward Environment
v Compliance with relevant applicable environment laws and regulation to which the company subscribes.
v The use of non toxic indirect materials on its production of decorative pots, and vases , such as water based paints.
v In Promotion of Environment awareness, We (Pascasio Pottery) ensures that the policy is communicated to all employees and made available to general public.

•Toward Employees
Employees are integral part of the business and also employees are the key to success.
v Giving them appropriate wages depending on their work.
v Providing Favorable good working condition.
v Respecting Individuals Dignity.
v Providing them favorable shelter and food during production days.
v Promoting workers.
v Providing Security (insurance)



    Focuses on Creating and providing Quality product that will create costumer satisfactions, to create Market Acceptance, Achieve Desirable sales, to expand in Branches and Employ Filipinos.

     To be Known and Leading Manufacturer of High quality pottery products from the Province of Tarlac , Philippines and to be Competitive on both Local and International Market.

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