Jalikee Arts and Craft is a privately-owned company specializing in holiday décor. It offers a variety of tin, paper and wood products through its eclectic collection of specialty holiday pieces designed to fit the client’s personal style. It employs a pool of skilled laborers who have the expertise in artisanal craftsmanship. The company works with its customers to develop products to suit their markets, their needs and their expectations.

Jalikee Arts and Craft is located in Paete, Laguna, a small town that is home to some of the country’s best woodcarvers. The town is also known for its work with papier mache, including the iconic taka horse. Taka, a papier mache technique using a carved sculpture as a mold, was pioneered in Paete. Woodcarving and taka form a major part of the town’s folk art. It is this sense of art that is the foundation of the town’s craft, that in turn produces the wellspring of artisans that are a part of Paete’s handicraft industry.

The company employs hundreds of men and women of Paete and its neighboring towns. Its focus is on the development of unique products that are made of native materials. This not only results in pieces that are less costly, it is also environmentally friendly – reducing carbon footprint and espousing the use of sustainable materials.

Jalikee Arts and Craft accepts bulk orders and design suggestions from clients, offering unique products made of cost-effective local materials. It advocates the use of homegrown materials to attract both the local and foreign markets. 





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