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Our operations are still on halt due to the damages brought by Typhoon Odette (Typhoon Rai) in December 2021. We are currently unable to accommodate new orders and trade inquiries until further notice. In the meantime, you are welcome to leave a message and we will respond as soon as we can.

Rest assured that we are working hard to restore our operations to serve you again.




“We are socially conscious manufacturer and exporter of high quality, medium- priced lightings (woven ceiling and table lamps) to medium-high end wholesalers/importers/distributors around Europe and Japan.

We commit ourselves to the best standards with integrity in exceeding the expectations of our customers. We partner our sub- contractors in our productivity, quality management, and product and research development programs.

We dedicate ourselves to the continuous growth and development of our nation, employees, community, business partners, and our business.”


“We exist to create value to our buyers through excellent product quality, competitive pricing, speed in our delivery and continuous product innovation.

Our business exists to provide livelihood to farmers and their families in rural communities composed of mothers, able elderly, and individuals with physical disabilities. Several rural families have sent their children to school because of the work our products provide. They weave their future through our lamps.”



We are committed to providing products and services that meet or exceed our customers' expectations.
To effectively carry out this policy, we make the following commitments:

TO BE CUSTOMER FOCUSED. We understand our customers' needs and track their level of satisfaction. Quality should be incorporated into every product and process and is the responsibility of every employee.

CONTINUAL IMPROVEMENT. We strive for continuous improvement of our designs, processes and overall quality management system.

FACTUAL APPROACH TO DECISION MAKING. We establish measurable quality objectives that clearly indicate the level of continuous improvement required.

LEADERSHIP AND TEAMWORK. We keep all employees informed about our direction and quality objectives and help one another to be positive and make positive changes.

FAIRNESS. We balance and thus satisfy the needs of our customers, employees, sub-contractors, suppliers and stockholders.



1. Commitment:
a. To our buyers: Excellent product quality, competitive pricing, speed in our delivery and continuous product innovation.
b. To our sub-contractors: Business opportunities through fair and equitable pricing, continuous training on productivity, quality and human resource development.
c. To our community: We are committed to preserve the environment where we operate.
d. To our employees: We are committed to provide healthy working condition, equitable salary, and continuous learning through training and development.

2. Integrity. To be dealt with truth and honesty.

3. Openness. Encourages teamwork.

4. Passion. Passion for work drives creativity, commitment, and excellence.

5. Teamwork. Increases productivity and quality.

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