About Us

The Leather Studio Manila encourages self-expression through art using 100% genuine cowhide leather. We create leather pieces that showcase Filipino ingenuity by collaborating with individual artists and artisan communities within the Philippines.

Through this collaboration, we also promote our mission to give our Filipino artists and small communities an avenue to express their creativity and make a living out of it. By continuing to partner with other key industry players, we hope to bring all of these unique Filipino touches into the international fashion and lifestyle scene.

We also take pride in individually hand-cutting, hand-stitching, and hand-painting some of our collections, providing an individualized and almost personal connection between our artists and clients. Our leather artisans are a group of women specifically trained for this highly-specialized, traditional craft. They carefully hand-stitch our items on their own, allowing them to earn while in the comfort of their own homes.

We at the Leather Studio Manila believe in empowerment, purpose, and individuality.


Our Story

The Leather Studio Manila started out as an idea that wants to build on the concept of handmade products resulting from Filipino creativity. It eventually grew into the idea of reaching out to communities, specifically to Filipinos who have limiting conditions such as age, physical circumstances, or educational attainment, that prevent them from expressing their artistic gifts to produce handmade products and make a living out of it. Some of these Filipinos also use traditional procedures to make these handwoven products, thus keeping the spirit of the craft alive.

Our designs incorporate genuine cowhide leather and natural fiber materials that are all available in the country.  All of our products are hand-stitched, while some are hand-painted or customized to our clients’ needs. Our bags are created by collaborating with different communities,  women leather artisans, and senior citizens.


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