It seems like adaptable is a good shorthand for Lally Dizon, the namesake leader of Lally Dizon Design Concepts, known for its remarkable bags and accessories made from luxurious, exotic skins.

She joined her family’s long-established bag manufacturing business in 2000, ensuring quality that would appease the highest international standards. When the industry declined six years later,
however, she and her sister found themselves looking for a redirection. They would find it in bag repair. Vintage Restore became everyone’s go-to to repair prized clutches and purses, supplementing the growing market of classic international bag brands. The business would steamroll: to custom luxury bags by Dizon to finally Dizon’s own label. Her logo would spell the letters LD: Lally Dizon, and, recursively, Luxuriously Distinct, which is a convenient way to describe the beautiful pieces she makes.



Her most recent collection flaunts her signature use of exotic skins from caiman crocodile, python, and elaphe snake as well as accents made of 24K gold-plated metals and semi-precious stones. In light of recent demand, Dizon has even expanded her repertoire, manufacturing belts and face masks in rich shades of violet, green, and fuchsia to complement her bags. The croc and snakeskin masks are fabricated with lambskin lining rose gold rivets to make the straps adjustable. Since the pandemic, she’s had to scale down on purchasing new materials, but that hasn’t stopped her productivity. Dizon’s bags continue to be sold on Vintage Restore locations and online.

Lally Dizon is located in Quezon City

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